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Chinese flee stocks to buy foreign real estate

Chinese buyers have already spent billions in the U.S., UK and Australia, causing property prices to rise -- and experts say much more cash is on its way.

The latest triggers: Chinese stocks have crashed 40% since June, wiping away trillions of dollars in market value; and Beijing surprised investors by allowing the yuan -- or renminbi -- to fall sharply last month.

Chinese are starting to "think money in the bank is not safe -- it won't gain any value http://botaniqueatbartley-uolgroup.com if the renminbi is still devaluing," said David Ji of Knight Frank, an international real estate agency. "So people will look to real estate as a more solid investment channel."

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Chinese investors are already very active in residential property markets in major cities such as New York, London and Sydney.

They're the leading foreign buyers of U.S. homes. Sales reached a record $29 billion in the 12 months to March 30 -- that's more than a quarter of all foreign purchases by value, according to the National Association of Realtors.

In Australia, sales of homes to Chinese are expected to total $60 billion between now and 2020, double the amount spent in the previous six years, according to Credit Suisse.

And Chinese buyers already account for over a quarter of all London home purchases, says Savills.

With prices rising fast in major world cities, some Chinese buyers are getting more creative. They're teaming up with local partners or looking to newer markets such as Poland. In the UK, they're branching out beyond London and pouring money into surrounding areas, such as the county of Surrey.

Commercial real estate deals are also on the rise.

Knight Frank expects Chinese investors to spend $20 billion on major deals this year, compared with $5.5 billion in 2012.

Chinese are "getting more active right now -- we haven't seen any slowdown," said Simon Lo of Colliers International, a property agency.

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China offers limited options for local investors. Many sank money into stocks after domestic property prices began falling around four years ago, or in riskier investments that have proliferated in the shadow banking sector.

But those http://www.century21.com/ seeking more stable returns have increasingly turned to overseas real estate.

The rush into world markets has taken place despite an annual limit of $50,000 on the amount of money an individual can move out of China.

Those restrictions mean that investing abroad takes more planning -- for example, moving money out over a long period of time, or securing approvals to send large sums abroad -- but it's clear that investor interest isn't going away.

"We've seen big transactions in the States -- buying a whole block of hotels for commercial development...a whole block of flats," Lo said. Investors are "looking at things differently -- what is the best way to secure long term investment opportunities?"

CNNMoney (Hong Kong) First published September 2, 2015: 8:36 AM ET

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Which Is Better To Invest, Commercial Or Residential Real Estate?

By: jarry horny

An awesome approach to develop your cash quick is to Investing in Real estate with Commercial or Residential properties. Commercial and Residential Real estate ventures are altogether different and it requires investment to take in the ins and outs of each. Commercial Real estate might be an extraordinary venture for some, yet I incline toward Residential Real estate and I think most speculators are in an ideal situation with Residential investment properties also. I put resources into Residential properties, in light of the fact that there are a greater amount of them, it is less demanding to purchase them underneath Commercial sector and I know Residential superior

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iServe Real Estate Operations, Inc. Reaches Milestone of Selling and Servicing over 25,000 REO Assets with a Value of Approximately $1.9 Billion

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iServe Real Estate Operations, Inc., a nationally recognized asset manager, announced they have successfully sold and serviced over 25,000 REO assets across botanique at bartley review the United States with a value of approximately $1.9 Billion since its inception in 2007. Through the use of their proprietary technology systems and expertise in managing challenging assets, iServe REO ensures each asset is managed with a high-touch approach by a seasoned team.

On the companys success, iServe REO SVP of Sales and Marketing, Christian Moore said, iServe REO has experienced tremendous success and has positioned itself among the top Asset Management Companys nationwide. There is no replacement for experience and talent and this iServe team is one of the most experienced and talented in the industry. When you combine our strong internal processes and our proprietary portfolio management system, we are able to deliver effective results while remaining flexible enough to meet our clients ever changing needs.

The iServe advantage is founded on three cultural principles: proactive risk management, collaborative solutions and targeted results. The combination of these principles has led iServe REO to be awarded Asset Management Company of the year for 2012 and 2013 for a large Money Center Bank. Among many other accomplishments, iServe REO has been successful in managing over 5,000 HOA assets for incremental savings of approximately $1M, resolving over 1,300 code violations for additional savings of $1.5M, correcting 12,000 title issues for a savings of over $2.3M and processing over 800 Cash for Keys for clients.

About iServe Real Estate Operations, Inc.: iServe REO provides full service default management solutions for non-performing residential assets to financial institutions, corporations and private investors. As a valuable outsource partner, iServe REO achieves quality results through http://www.re.state.az.us/ focused risk management strategies and dedicated resources. iServe REO is part of a full-service residential finance company which includes iServe Residential Lending, LLC, (ISRL), a multi-state residential Mortgage Banker. ISRL http://www.longandfoster.com/ offers the financial strength, experienced personnel and passionate commitment in providing mortgage services to our customers in over 25 of our branch offices. ISRL offers a full range of lending options with an expertise in government loans including VA and FHA. Visit www.iserverealestate.com or www.iservelending.com.

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The urban prepper: Purchasing an abandoned property in Philadelphia

In an urban environment prepping comes with its own advantages and challenges. This is especially true in a city like Philadelphia that has a population of 1,547,607 and 90% of the homes are row houses which can make life there feel a little cramped. There are over 11,000 people who live in each square mile of the city.

They come in all sizes.

They come in all sizes.


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Real Estate Investment | Buzzle.com

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Property Overseas

Tips to buy property overseas

Due to the economical strength of the US Dollar, many Americans are seriously considering buying property overseas. However, this is easier said than done. You need to be aware of the rules and regulations, so that this...

Tenants in Common Vs. Joint Tenancy

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Belly of the Cavern - TyphoonTyphoon are one of the most http://botaniqueatbartley-uolgroup.com unique bands we've come across. Their sound is often tumultuous http://www.botaniqueatbartley-uolgroup.com yet unified. Each individual member manages to weave their instrument http://www.mls.com/ masterfully into the http://www.trulia.com/ group's aesthetic, creating music that feels almost anthemic. We caught this striking performance of "Belly of the

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Homes: What you can buy for $200,000


In http://www.botaniqueatbartley-uolgroup.com most U.S. cities, $200,000 will buy a comfortable place to call home -- and it will probably have a http://www.botaniqueatbartley-uolgroup.com decent patio.

This price point aligns very closely with the U.S. median home value, which is currently $178,500 according to Zillow. Of course, all real estate is local. In Atlanta's Ormewood Park, spending just over that amount will buy a spacious two-story home with a storage loft, while in West Seattle it will buy a place that's about the size of a storage loft.

However, the overall trend dictates that $200,000 seems to generally get you hardwood flooring, a fireplace, in-unit laundry and some kind of patio -- regardless of square footage.

Here are 10 homes you can buy for $200,000 across the country.